DVD Review: The Vineyard (1989)


The Vineyard DVD CoverDistributor: ArrowDrome

BBFC Classification: 18

Directors: James Hong, Bill Rice

Starring: James Hong, Karen Witter, Michael Wong, Cheryl Madsen, Sean P. Donahue

The Vineyard isn’t a title that immediately springs to mind when one thinks about ’80’s horror but veteran actor James Hong’s third directorial feature is really something of a last hurrah for horror as the end of the decade approached and the fashion was veering away from zombies, vampires and slashers and moving towards a darker, more serious direction. However, as Freddy and Jason kept coming back to diminishing returns there were still one or two films that slipped through the net and found an audience on VHS, and The Vineyard was one of them.

Mad scientist and winemaker Dr. Po (Hong) has invited several youngsters to his island Continue reading