DVD Review: Killing Season (2013)


Killing Season DVD CoverDistributor: Lionsgate

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Mark Steven Johnson

Starring: Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Milo Ventimiglia, Elizabeth Olin

Killing Season brings Hollywood giants Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver/Raging Bull) and John Travolta (Grease/Pulp Fiction) together on-screen for the first time in a story about two veterans of the Bosnian War who both carry the baggage of what they did in the conflict. Retired US Colonel Benjamin Ford (De Niro) lives a quiet life in a log cabin up in the hills, having swapped hunting rifles for a camera to photograph the wildlife. Ford still suffers from a leg injury caused by trapped shrapnel from the war and, along Continue reading


Blu-ray Review: Bound (1996)


Bound BR CoverDistributor: Arrow Video

BBFC Classification: 18

Directors: Lilli Wachowski, Lana Wachowski

Starring: Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, Joe Pantoliano, John P. Ryan, Christopher Meloni, Margaret Smith

To call Bound an erotic thriller is to do it a disservice as it is so much more than that. In the same way that the Coens Brothers’ Blood Simple – a film that shares several strands of DNA with this one – managed to make a simple(!) crime story a whole lot more by mixing it up stylistically and keeping you invested with interesting characters, Bound throws together elements of noir, gangster movies, tense eroticism and dashes of comedy and ties it all together with career-best performances from the three leads.

Corky (Gina Gershon – Killer Joe) is a lesbian ex-con just released from prison and hired as the Continue reading

Blu-ray Review: Donnie Darko (2001) – Limited Edition


Donnie Darko BR CoverDistributor: Arrow Video

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Richard Kelly

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Mary McDonnell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Patrick Swayze, Arthur Taxier, Drew Barrymore

Every decade has its defining movies and during the post-millennial fallout, when nobody was sure what would happen to the internet and the computers controlling our way of life, there were a plethora of movies that tapped into the collective subconscious and tried to relay our fears back at us in an often surreal and non-linear fashion. David Fincher’s Fight Club helped usher in the new century by changing the rules on straightforward storytelling and in 2001 Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko gained a similar reputation, Continue reading

Blu-ray Review: Airwolf – The Complete Collection: Seasons 1-3 (1984-1986)


Airwolf - The Complete Collection: Seasons 1-3 BR CoverDistributor: Fabulous Films

BBFC Classification: 12

Created By: Donald P. Bellisario

Starring: Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, Alex Cord, Jean Bruce Scott, David Hemmings, David Carradine, Shannen Doherty, Christopher Stone, Gregg Henry, Ray Wise, P.J. Soles, Richard Lynch, Bryan Cranston, Belinda Bauer

Any child of the ’80s will happily reminisce about the TV shows that made up their childhood, and while everybody will have their favourites it was Airwolf that came the closest to feeling like you were watching an hour-long movie each week (and also had the coolest theme tune, although Magnum P.I. also had the Continue reading

DVD Review: Female Prisoner Scorpion: The Complete Collection (2016)


Female Prisoner Scorpion: The Complete Collection BR CoverDistributor: Arrow Video

BBFC Classification: 18

Directors: Shunya Ito, Yasuharu Hasebe

Starring: Meiko Kaji, Rie Yokoyama, Yoyoi Watanabe, Kayoko Shiraishi, Fumio Watanabe, Yayoi Watanabe, Masakazu Tamura, Hiroshi Tsukata

Continuing a run of fantastic limited edition box sets, Arrow Video have finally put together the first four movies in the Japanese women-in-prison/revenge Female Prisoner Scorpion series in a lavish package loaded with extras. Based on a comic, the films – particularly the original – have become notable amongst cult cinema connoisseurs for their depictions of graphic violence, sex and strong female characters, many elements that were copied by hundreds of other exploitation movies throughout the 1970s but never quite captured with the same sense of artistic flair.

The first film in the series is 1972’s Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion, which Continue reading