Digital Review: The Dark Tapes (2017)


Distributor: Epic Pictures (US)/Thunder Road Inc. (UK)

Directors: Michael McQuown & Vincent J. Guastini

Starring: Emilia Ares Zoryan, Danielle Baez, Katelyn Bailey, David Banks, Jonathan Biver, Layne Castro, Sara Castro, Heather Compton, Michael Cotter, Sherry Dargahi, Trey Everett, Denise Faro, Brittany Fisheli, Jo Galloway, Mary Rachel Gardner

The latest entry into the found footage game, The Dark Tapes, was written by Michael McQuown and directed by McQuown and Vincent J. Guastini and the one unique thing this movie has going for it is that it is also an anthology. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of found footage and anthology movies so this ticks two of my favorites boxes. Wraparound stories can be essential to the movie and can be funny like in Body Bags or of a more serious nature like in Continue reading


DVD Review: The Quiet Ones (2014)


The Quiet Ones DVD CoverDistributor: Lionsgate

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: John Pogue

Starring: Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, Erin Richards, Rory Fleck-Byrne, Olivia Cooke, Laurie Calvert

If, like me, you are of a certain age and your body is advancing in years way ahead of your mental state, there is a certain joy in seeing the Hammer logo flashing across the screen in blood-red letters before the start of a film. Whilst not always a guarantee of a great film per se it is at least a brand name that you can trust to entertain you, a name that tells you before the opening credits roll that this is a film that is going to give you certain things – creepy Gothic settings, supernatural monsters, swashbuckling heroes, buxom wenches and so on – and since the Hammer name was resurrected during the last Continue reading

DVD Review: Devil’s Due (2014)


Devil's Due DVD CoverDistributor: 20th Century Fox

BBFC Classification: 15

Directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett

Starring: Allison Miller, Zach Gilford, Sam Anderson, Vanessa Ray, Geraldine Singer

Satanic cults, pregnant newlyweds and found footage are the three main ingredients of Devil’s Due, and if those things are enough to get you excited then you may need to question where your life is going. The whole found footage thing has become very old very quickly and, like most stylistic trends, has nothing new or exciting to offer unless a writer or director is willing to take a chance and actually do something other than the obvious and generic. In 2014 we already had Delivery, a film that tried to tap into the Rosemary’s Baby-style paranoia Continue reading

Blu-ray Review: Evil Dead (2013)


Evil Dead BR CoverDistributor: StudioCanal

BBFC Classification: 18

Director: Fede Alvarez

Starring: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jim McLarty, Elizabeth Blackmore

It was only a matter of time before somebody got round to remaking The Evil Dead (in this case just called Evil Dead). Although the pros and cons with regards to remakes is an ongoing argument that isn’t going to go away anytime soon, it seems the idea of remaking Sam Raimi’s infamous low-budget gore classic got many people choking on their entrails and wondering how a vision created with such style and energy could be interpreted for a new generation who expect certain things from their horror films, things that don’t include stop-motion special effects and Continue reading

Blu-ray Review: Evil Dead II (1987)


Evil Dead II BR CoverDistributor: StudioCanal

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Sam Raimi

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks, Ted Raimi, Denise Bixler, Kassie Wesley

Do you really need to read this review? This is Evil Dead II, for Satan’s sake! Only this is Evil Dead II in HD – seen it before? Ok then, this is Evil Dead II in HD with a bloody fist full of UK exclusive extras that you haven’t seen before – tempted now? Of course you are, it’s Evil Dead II.

Just for the benefit of the solitary person out there who may not have seen it, the film begins with a re-shot summary of the first film featuring Ash (Bruce Campbell) and Linda Continue reading