DVD Review: The Forgotten (2011)


The Forgotten DVD CoverDistributor: 101 Films

BBFC Classification: 18

Director: Steven Berryessa

Starring: Ron Berryessa, Bethany Berryessa, Steven Berryessa, Theresa Berryessa, Olivia Bishop, Sam Dalton

Within the opening five minutes of The Forgotten a few things are made clear – writer/director Steven Berryessa has a large family as at least three other cast members share the same surname, the film isn’t going to be an easy watch (in more ways than one) and the budget is about the same as a family bucket at KFC. Of course, great things can come from low-budget filmmaking and Berryessa does immerse you in his post-apocalyptic world pretty quickly, but there are some major problems here. Continue reading


DVD Review: Lurking Fear (1994)


Lurking Fear DVD CoverDistributor: 88 Films

BBFC Classification: 18

Director: C. Courtney Joyner

Starring: Blake Bailey, Ashley Laurence, Jeffrey Combs, Allison Mackie, Vincent Schiavelli, Jon Finch

Two years before From Dusk Till Dawn mixed dusty crime thriller with a creature feature, Charles Band’s Full Moon Features produced Lurking Fear, a (very) loose adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft story. In this film, ex-con John Martense (Blake Bailey – The Killer Eye) returns home and visits old family friend Knaggs (Vincent Schiavelli – Lord of Illusions), who gives him a map that will lead him to a cemetery in the small town of Leffert’s Corners where there is a body buried that is apparently stuffed with cash, left Continue reading

DVD Review: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013)


Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa DVD CoverDistributor: StudioCanal

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Declan Lowney

Starring: Steve Coogan, Colm Meaney, Felicity Montagu, Tim Key, Simon Greenall, Phil Cornwell, Monica Dolan, Sean Pertwee

Whenever a popular television programme character is given a movie you can almost hear the collective sighs of the nation as the inevitability of stretching out a half-hour sketch to fit a 90-minute movie usually means that all the good stuff will be done within the first act and the rest of the running time is spent with the main characters in a fish-out-of-water situation, thus taking away the reasons why the nation liked it in the first place. The difference with Continue reading

DVD Review: Dead Shadows (2012)


Dead Shadows DVD CoverDistributor: Bulldog Film Distribution

BBFC Classification: 18

Director: David Cholewa

Starring: Fabian Wolfrom, Gilles Barret, Laurie Cholewa, Sylvain Dubois, John Fallon

Dead Shadows is a French film dubbed (badly) into English and comes with the sort of premise that would make any self-respecting sci-fi/horror fan weep with joy, if it weren’t for the fact that this is a film that tries to overthink and overdo too much in a 71-minute running time.

After witnessing the death of his parents on the same night that Haley’s Comet was visible from Earth, Chris (Fabian Wolfrom – 3 Days To Kill) has grown up Continue reading

DVD Review: Frankenstein: The True Story (1973)


Frankenstein: The True Story DVD CoverDistributor: Second Sight Films

BBFC Classification: 12

Director: Jack Smight

Starring: James Mason, Leonard Whiting, David McCallum, Jane Seymour Nicola Pagett, Ralph Richardson, Tom Baker, John Gielgud

It is a bit misleading to title your version of Frankenstein as ‘The True Story‘, seeing as Frankenstein is a work of fiction (in case you didn’t know), but there you go. Universal’s 1973 adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel is a rather lavish affair that was initially a made-for-TV movie and takes a few liberties with the original text, making the title even more baffling, but, as with any adaptation of the classic stories from previous centuries, a few changes are Continue reading