About Ancient Slumber

Ancient Slumber – a title inspired by a line from The Evil Dead – is a blog set up by Chris ‘Horrorsmith’ Ward as a place to gather together all of his online written work in one place, as he has been known to whore himself out (metaphorically, of course) to several different outlets over the years. After finding himself without a regular writing outlet, US resident and horror fan Myron Schmidt also fancied having somewhere to show his wares and has entered the murky world of Ancient Slumber to write about all things horror and genre.


Horrorsmith‘Horrorsmith’ is the online moniker of Chris Ward, a lifelong horror and metal devotee with an ongoing mission to devour as much of those two things as possible and write about them.

Chris began writing online back in 2009 for a variety of websites including the now defunct Rock Midgets, The Horror Press and Horror SocietyThis led to other opportunities in getting work published and over the following five years Chris built up quite a portfolio of written work by contributing to such outlets as Alternative MatterGhost Cult,  OneMetal, Scream Magazine, the award-winning Eat Sleep Live Film, ThisIsNotAScene (as UK Editor), Deviant Robot and, more recently, Flickering Myth and the FrightFest website.

You can follow Horrorsmith on Twitter here and on Letterboxd here.


MyronMyron is a life long fan of books, horror films and metal music. He considers himself a Stephen King super-fan and will read or watch anything associated with Mr. King. In addition to horror fiction, Myron likes to read dark fantasy and some science fiction. He is a massive Philip K Dick and Peter V Brett fan and has been know to devour the most recent Harry Dresden book. Books, graphics novels or comics, he loves them all.

When it comes to films his favorite director is John Carpenter and his favorite films are those directed by Carpenter. Though he tends to favor found footage horror movies he will watch anything that is horror. Good movie or bad movie they all deserve to be watched at least once. A good practical effect beats CGI any day of the week and twice on Sunday. A great reveal and twist at the end is just about nirvana in the horror world.

Myron rambles about metal over at ThisIsNotAScene where he also tries to be an editor. He has also written movie reviews for OneMetal and Deviant Robot.

You can follow Myron on Twitter here.


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