Digital Review: Final Recall (2017)

Final Recall DVD CoverDistributor: Signature Entertainment

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Mauro Borrelli

Starring: Wesley Snipes, RJ Mitte, Jedidiah Goodacre, Laura Bilgeri, Niko Pepaj, Hannah Rose May

Final Recall, a.k.a. The Recall in the US, is the latest entry into the alien abduction library, stars action veteran Wesley Snipes (Passenger 57/Blade) along with RJ Mitte, Jedidiah Goodacre, Laura Bilgeri, Niko Pepaj and Hannah Rose May, is directed by Mauro Borrelli (Total Recall). In short, five friends go camping in the wilderness and run into ‘The Hunter’ (Snipes) and an alien attack.

As the story unfolds the campers mistake the Hunter for a “mountain man who may or may not be a cannibal”; it seems like the five main characters have spent as much time watching hillbilly cannibal movies as we do. After a day of exploring some of the intrepid campers stumble across the Hunter’s cabin and discover things may not quite be as they would seem. As odd cloud formations begin to appear in the sky it is quickly revealed that these clouds are alien spacecraft centered over various locations. The audience learns through dialogue of the Hunter and others that the aliens have been visiting us in secret for thousands of years, making genetic adjustments to humans and leaving those adjusted with weird scarification-looking symbols on their bodies. People are abducted, changes are made and the aliens depart – I will leave the reveals of changes to the viewers.

As I hoped, Mr. Snipes plays the Hunter character near enough perfect. It is an action role with one liners, a real throwback to many of Snipes’ earlier action roles. Mitte, Goodacre, Bilgeri, Pepaj and May play the spoiled, obnoxious and occasionally moral college camper roles very well. Some of talky sections are more problematic with scripting than with acting and I commend the entire cast on this film as it really felt like a group of people making the best out of some awkward dialogue.

This film is a prime example of too much sometimes not being the correct approach. The alien costumes are very good but some of the aliens are floating, red glowing jellyfish-looking things. The CGI is not the greatest but I think we have we have all seen worse. The issue is we see them too many times and if the directors and producers would have left it to one scene and invested the money in making a better representation, the results could have been far better – one reveal and then let the audience fill in the details with their imagination rather than with subpar CGI. Then we have a whole scene on an alien spacecraft where I believe the director is trying to convey the changes to humans. It was too much and really seemed like filler. Once the abductees returned to the woods the reveal of the changes worked so well so why pad it with 15 minutes in a spaceship that does nothing to advance the story or the characters? Take that 15 minutes and give us more Snipes and what he is doing and let that part of the story develop more. Less would have been better and improved the cohesiveness of the film.

Overall, Final Recall is a slightly above-average film worthy of a watch but, let’s be honest, it is mainly worth it for having the master of one liners, Wesley Snipes, back and I for one am glad for that. Is this going to win any awards? Not a chance but it is a fairly fun watch with a good cast and Snipes coming out with insults like “Sissy boy” in his own unique way. Go get some popcorn and just enjoy it for the no-brainer that it is.

Final Recall

UK Release Date: 14th August 2017 (Download)/21st August (DVD & Blu-ray)

Signature Entertainment – Website


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