DVD Review: Deadgirl (2008)


Deadgirl DVD CoverDistributor: Metrodome Distribution

BBFC Classification: 18

Directors: Marcel Sarmiento & Gadi Harel

Starring: Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan, Candice Accola, Jenny Spain, Michael Bowen, David Alan Graf

Horror movies really shine when they try and tackle some really harsh and troubling subject matter but in an intelligent and thought-provoking way. Martyrs is one such example, where what is happening on-screen is excruciating but at the same time very compelling, and never once does it feel exploitative or gratuitous in the same way that so many movies tackling similarly disturbing subject matter can, and Deadgirl follows a similar, if slightly less cerebral, path.

Deadgirl is the story of two teenage outcasts, Rickie (Shiloh Fenandez) Continue reading


Blu-ray Review: The Witches (1966)


The Witches BR CoverDistributor: StudioCanal

BBFC Classification: 12

Director: Cyril Frankel

Starring: Joan Fontaine, Kay Walsh, Alec McCowen, Michele Dotrice, Leonard Rossiter, Ann Bell

Based on the novel The Devil’s Own by Peter Curtis, The Witches is one of the less spoken about films from the mid-period of Hammer’s first run of horror films, released amidst a flurry of Dracula and Frankenstein sequels, cave girl pictures and more popular standalone titles like The Plague of the Zombies and The Reptile.

After an incident with a witchdoctor whilst teaching in Africa, Gwen Mayfield (Joan Fontaine – Ivanhoe) has a breakdown and returns to England to take up a position Continue reading

Blu-ray Review: The Baytown Outlaws (2012)


The Baytown Outlaws BR CoverDistributor: Universal Pictures UK

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Barry Battles

Starring: Billy Bob Thornton, Eva Longoria, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Daniel Cudmore, Clayne Crawford, Andre Braugher, Travis Fimmel, Zoë Bell, Michael Rapaport

The Baytown Outlaws is the directorial debut of Barry Battles and is being released via Universal Pictures, which may seem like a bit of a gamble for a major studio as grindhouse-inspired films by unproven directors don’t usually get pushed to the top of the marketing pile. But having a high-profile cast and a sharp script doesn’t do your chances of success any harm, so has Universal backed a winner?

The three Oodie brothers – Brick (Clayne Crawford), McQueen (Travis Fimmel) and giant mute Lincoln (Daniel Cudmore) – carry out off-the-record jobs for corrupt Sheriff Millard Continue reading