Blu-ray Review: Motel Hell (1980)


Motel Hell BR CoverDistributor: Arrow Video

BBFC Classification: 18

Director: Kevin Connor

Starring: Rory Calhoun, Paul Linke, Nancy Parsons, Elaine Joyce, Nina Axelrod, Wolfman Jack, John Ratzenberger, Rosanne Katon

Originally released at a time when the slasher boom was in full swing, Motel Hell is a film that has always been held in high regard by many horror fans who enjoy a little mischief with their blood-soaked violence. Given the recent popularity of redneck/backwoods horror, a nice and shiny HD version of this film should go down a treat with a potential new audience.

Farmer Vincent Smith (Rory Calhoun – The Texan/How to Marry a Millionaire) and his sister Ida (Nancy Parsons – Porky’s/Sudden Continue reading


Blu-ray Review: Spider Baby (1967)


Spider Baby BR CoverDistributor: Arrow Video

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Jack Hill

Starring: Lon Chaney Jr., Carol Ohmart, Quinn K. Redeker, Sid Haig, Beverly Washburn, Jill Banner, Mary Mitchel

In the world of cinema there are cult films and there are Cult Films, and director Jack (Foxy Brown/Pit Stop) Hill’s debut feature film Spider Baby definitely falls into the latter category. Originally filmed in 1964, released in 1967 after legal issues and considered something of an enigma ever since, Spider Baby Continue reading

DVD Review: Black Water Vampire (2014)


Black Water Vampire DVD CoverDistributor: Image Entertainment

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Evan Tramel

Starring: Danielle Lozeau, Andrea Monier, Anthony Fanelli, Robin Steffen, Bill Oberst Jr.

There are two things that make Black Water Vampire stand out from the rest of the found footage crowd, the first being that it has the distinction of being the first found footage vampire film, which is something. The second is that, for once, the level of performance doesn’t induce fits of anger and the need to self-harm, Again, it’s something.

But where the film loses points is that it basically follows the same plot as The Blair Witch Project – students making a documentary go into the woods carrying a Continue reading

Blu-ray Review: The Killers (1964)


The Killers BR CoverDistributor: Arrow Academy

BBFC Classification: 18

Director: Don Siegel

Starring: Lee Marvin, Clu Gulager, John Cassavetes, Angie Dickinson, Ronald Reagan

Adapted from the Ernest Hemingway novel that inspired the 1947 Burt Lancaster movie of the same name and directed by Don Siegel (Dirty Harry), The Killers stars Lee Marvin (The Dirty Dozen) and Clu Gulager (Return of the Living Dead) as a couple of contract assassins in a brooding crime thriller about armed robbery, double crosses, fighting over a woman and the hitmen sent in to clean up the mess.

Johnny North (John Cassavetes – Rosemary’s Baby) is a former racing driver Continue reading

DVD Review: Battle of the Damned (2013)


Battle of the Damned DVD CoverDistributor: Entertainment One Films

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Christopher Hatton

Starring: Dolph Lundgren, Melanie Zanetti, Matt Doran, David Field, Lydia Look

Dolph Lundgren, robots and zombies – three ingredients that, on paper at least, sound like the makings of a genre fan favourite but as we all know, these types of film may have the basics covered when it comes to a lead actor and suitable antagonist but all too often it can fall apart once the cameras start rolling. So how does Battle of the Damned hold up?

During an outbreak of a deadly virus, Major Max Gatling (Dolph Lundgren – Rocky IV/The Expendables) is hired to enter a contaminated zone to rescue a Continue reading