DVD Review: Doctor Mordrid (1992)

Doctor Mordrid DVD CoverDistributor: 88 Films

BBFC Classification: 15

Directors: Albert Band, Charles Band

Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Brian Thompson, Jay Acovone, Yvette Nipar, Jeff Austin

Originally released in 1992, Doctor Mordrid is one of those early ’90s gems that stylistically was trying to fit in with the new decade but still looked like something that belonged to the previous one. Jeffrey Combs (Castle Freak/From Beyond) plays the titular Mordrid, an ancient sorcerer who has been protecting the Earth from evil for over a hundred years. His brother Kabal (Brian Thompson – Cobra/Fright Night Part 2) is also a powerful sorcerer and is hellbent on enslaving all of humanity, so cue lots of echoey voices, stop-motion creatures, dodgy animated magic effects and stuff about amulets and talismans.

Apart from the fantastical plot, the idea of dinosaur skeletons coming alive and ancient magics causing all sorts of mayhem, the most difficult aspect of Doctor Mordrid to get past is the fact that Jeffrey Combs and Brian Thompson are meant to be brothers. Still, casting decisions aside, Doctor Mordrid is 74 minutes of sheer joy as Combs plays it completely straight against an OTT performance from Brian Thompson that in any other film would be considered overblown but here it works. The gorgeous Yvette Nipar (Ski Patrol) plays Samantha Hunt, a police researcher and Mordrid’s neighbour, and adds a light-hearted presence to the film, and with a distinct lack of blood and violence it’s up to the simple plot and excellent performances to keep you invested. The pace does drop here and there and, despite the best efforts of the filmmakers, the overall look of the film is a bit naff but the whimsical and fun feel is enough to carry it along and make Doctor Mordrid a highly entertaining film, as long as you’re prepared to go along with it.

Doctor Mordrid

Special Features: Videozone featurette, trailer, 88 Films trailer reel, reversible sleeve incorporating original artwork.

UK Release Date: 17th February 2014

88 Films – Website


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