DVD Review: Zombies vs. Strippers (2012)

Zombies vs. Strippers DVD CoverDistributor: 88 Films

BBFC Classification: 18

Director: Alex Nicolaou

Starring: Circus-Szalewski, Eve Mauro, Victoria Levine, J. Scott, Don Baldaramos, Tanner Horn

So just what are you expecting from a film with a title like that? The use of ‘vs.’ in a film title has become something of a genre unto itself over the last few years, not to mention the fact that the stripper has also become something of a genre character like the zombie or werewolf that they’re usually facing off against. However, whilst that combination might look good on paper (or in the mind of a teenage boy) it very rarely turns in a film worth raving about, but titles like Cockneys vs. Zombies (very funny), Zombie Strippers (amusing) and Strippers vs. Werewolves (crap) have managed to work their way into the mainstream (and usually offer C-list/former soap opera actors a payday).

The Tough Titty is a strip joint situated in a rough area of town and is run by Spider (Circus-Szalewski), who has decided to sell the business as customers seem to be very thin on the ground. During one last blowout before the paperwork is signed Spider, doorman Marvin (J.Scott), stoner DJ Bern (Tanner Horn), barman Bobby (Don Baldaramos) and a selection of strippers decide to close the doors and have a party for themselves but various random characters start turning up trying to get away from the seemingly braindead masses gathering outside. What started out as a night of fun turns into a fight for survival as Spider and his not-too-bright staff must team up with a bunch of renegade-bikers-turned-religious-nuts, a horny businessman and a punk rocker with lots of cash to make it through the night.

A longer plot description than this film needs, it’s probably easiest to sum up Zombies vs. Strippers by saying that if you’ve seen Zombie Strippers then you’ve already seen this, although this doesn’t have the likes of Robert Englund lending his considerable talent and reputation to it. What this film does have is the oddly-named Circus-Szalewski, who is actually pretty good in the role of Spider and pitches it somewhere between the goofiness of Randy Quaid and the sleaziness of an on-his-game Tom Sizemore. The rest of the cast range from okay to awful but the ‘making-of’ documentary on the disc shows an enthusiastic bunch of no-name actors looking to do the best they can with very little.

The zombie effects are very basic – almost non-existent to be truthful – but they serve the low-rent nature of the production and work way better than having loads of fake-looking CGI, there are naked boobs all over the place, some Dutch angles (always a winner in a horror film) and a few light chuckles to be had but despite having the heart and the ambition, ultimately Zombies vs. Strippers is a cheap production – in both looks and execution – that is okay for a late-night laugh when there’s nothing else to watch and you can’t be bothered to get off the sofa but that’s not really a quote you can put on a poster, is it?

Zombies vs. Strippers

Special Features: The Making of Zombies vs. Strippers documentary, animated stills gallery, original trailer, Full Moon Trailer Park, reversible sleeve incorporating original artwork.

UK Release Date: 15th April 2013

88 Films – Website


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