DVD Review: Bullet (2014)

Bullet DVD CoverDistributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Nick Lyon

Starring: Danny Trejo, Torsten Voges, Jonathan Banks, John Savage, Eve Mauro, Eric Etebari

You’ve got to hand it to Danny Trejo, the man keeps busy. Bullet is his 23rd acting credit since the beginning of 2013 and there are 40 more listed after it on his IMDB profile, most of which are in post-production. Not bad for a man who celebrated his 70th birthday this year (not bad for a man celebrating any birthday, if truth be told).

In Bullet, Trejo (Machete/Machete Kills) plays Frank ‘Bullet’ Marasco, a tough LA cop who has to rescue his grandson from ruthless cartel boss Kruger (Jonathan Banks – Beverley Hills Cop). Kruger’s son Manual (Eric Etebari) is facing the death penalty so Kruger kidnaps Marasco’s grandson and the Governor’s daughter in a bid to blackmail his freedom but naturally Marasco isn’t going to play nicely…

Despite starring Danny Trejo and being produced by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City/Machete), Bullet isn’t just a retread of the Machete films, although there are those that probably wish it was as the low-budget look and sense of fun don’t quite have the charm of those films. Trejo and Jonathan Banks work well playing opposite each other and having Banks as the main villain instead of just being a heavy certainly pays off, but the film plays out fairly straight without doing anything unexpected or out of the ordinary. The CGI blood and fire effects are pretty bad and the shaky landscape shots that begin each scene are quite annoying but Trejo and Banks doing what they do is enough to carry the film and make it a decent enough Friday-night-when-the-pubs-have-kicked-out watch. Interestingly, there is a Director’s Cut version floating around somewhere that apparently adds a whole lot more to the plot and will no doubt even out the film where there have been some obvious cuts, but until that gets a proper release this version just about gets a pass.


Special Features: Trailer

UK Release Date: 10th March 2014

Sony Pictures – Website


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