DVD Review: The Invoking (2014)

The Invoking DVD CoverDistributor: Image Entertainment

BBFC Classification: 15

Director: Jeremy Berg

Starring: Brandon Anthony, Carson Holden, D’Angelo Midili, Trin Miller

Alright, that’s it – no more of this, it has to stop. Just because you own a camera and have a few friends with not much to do does not mean you have a film worthy of an audience investing 80 minutes of their lives in watching. Before you turn the camera on it would make sense to actually have a story but the makers of The Invoking didn’t worry about that, instead making us watch five blank canvasses masquerading as characters lumber about a bit in some woods where one of the group has inherited a cabin from relatives she never knew.

As times lurches on, Sam (Trin Miller) – the girl who has inherited the cabin – has visions where her ex-boyfriend Mark (Brandon Anthony), who is also part of the group visiting the cabin, is speaking in her father’s voice and doing horrible things. Why? Who knows? It’s never explained. There is a feeble attempt at a backstory but as far as giving any details that may explain the end of the film – forget it. People die, we know not why and more to the point, it doesn’t really matter because they were all nonentities anyway.

The Invoking was written, produced and directed by Jeremy Berg, and that should tell you what you need to know as it seems that nobody dared step in to question what he was thinking. Yes, Mr. Berg has made a film and got it released, and that is probably more than any of us will ever do so that is to be commended, but when your average horror fan sits down to watch The Invoking in the hope of a few low-to-no-budget shocks and scares they are going to be severely disappointed as there are none to be found in this film. The dull dialogue is delivered by people who really cannot deliver a line without crying, mumbling or giggling, there is a distinct lack of atmosphere, the story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and what does the title have to do with anything that happens (or in this case, doesn’t happen) in the film? Total waste of time that you’ll never get back.

The Invoking

Special Features: Audio commentaries with writer/director Jeremy Berg, writer/producer John Portanova and producer Matt Medisch, audio commentary with actors Trin Miller, D’Angelo Midili and Andi Norris, Behind the Scenes documentary.

UK Release Date: 12th May 2014

Image Entertainment – Website


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